Golden Afternoon - Artist Luu Quang Lam

Golden Afternoon - Artist Luu Quang Lam

Bởi Hà Trang 13/12/2022

The golden afternoon painting by artist Luu Quang Lam is painted with oil paint on canvas, about an afternoon in the village of Quan Ho.  The painting depicts a procession of quan ho on the embankment, heading towards the gate of the communal house.  The small procession in the vast landscape of the banyan village, the communal house roof is not a new topic, but it is presented with the artist's own impression and style. 

It can be seen that the brush strokes and the color arrays that definitely change direction in this painting are close to the expressionist style of painter Luu Quang Lam in other abstract expressionist works.  Despite the detailed description of the subjects in the work, the painting still has a general look and strong emotional expression by the array of colors and definitive shapes.  The golden afternoon painting is a beautiful memory of a festival of community activities in the countryside of Kinh Bac.


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