Artist Vu Van Tich

Artist Vu Van Tich

Bởi Hà Trang 01/11/2022

1989 Vu Van Tich was born in a devout Catholic family and grew up in a small peaceful village, located between two rivers at Ninh Binh. At the age of 5, Tich began to study Catholic doctrine.  When he reached 18, Tich began to study marriage catechism and completed his Catholic education. Tich respects and fulfills the duties of his family, and listens to the opinions of those around him. According to Tich, religion is faith, and perseverance is trained through the studying of religion.

2007, Tich has enjoyed painting ever since childhood, unfortunately, no one in the family had studied fine art before. Coincidentally, at that time, in Dong Chu village, an aspiring painter took notice of Tich's paintings and encouraged him to study art.

2008, Tich's family worked in the construction industry and only supported Tich when he decided to study interior design. Van Tich’s attempt to enter the University of Industrial Fine Art (UIFA) later fell through. Tich then continued his artistic path, and during this time, he discovered the desire to wholeheartedly pursue fine art.

2009,  He was admitted to the Central University of Art Pedagogy. By the end of his second year, he realized that studying pedagogy would lead him further away from becoming a painter.  Hence, he later dropped out of the university, and prepared for the entrance exam to the École des beaux-arts du Vietnam.

2011 He passed the entrance exam on the first attempt and majored in fine arts at the École des beaux-arts du Vietnam. During the first 2 years, the artist sorely focused on sketching and researching. However, in his junior year, when he was introduced to lacquer painting, Tich was immediately drawn and attuned to the material and converted to study lacquer art from there onwards.
2014-2019, Van Tich's lacquer art practice took a turning point when he met professor Trieu Khac Tien - a doctor in lacquer at the University of Tokyo. Together with Tich and other students, Tien sought to research and deepen their understanding of Vietnamese lacquer techniques.  Each of them later pursued unique styles of lacquer techniques. Ever since Van Tich has dedicated himself to studying and experimenting with new materials in his paintings.

There aren’t many fundamental lacquer techniques, however, to advance, it requires thousands of different applications that suit various mindsets and visual styles of each artist. This riveting path contributes to the growth of Vietnamese lacquer painting.

2017-2018, The series “My Childhood” includes 8 fish-themed paintings. This is also the first series to open a new chapter in Van Tich’s artistic career. My Childhood was displayed at the 2018 Capital Fine Arts Exhibition. Although it wasn’t widely known in public, the series was abundant in artistic spirit. The fine lines on lacquer and the successful experimentation of substance-forming techniques initially gained the recognition of his colleagues.

2016-2019, The Night Flower series consists of 12 paintings. The artwork "Night Flower" was displayed at the National Youth Fine Arts Festival, organized by the Fine Arts Association. The last painting of the Night Flower series, titled Peace, is one of the most notable artworks by Van Tich.

2019, After getting married, Tich left professor Tien's studio and focused on developing his distinguished forming method - a continuous flow from start to finish.

2019-2022, The series Inside the Garden includes 30 lacquer paintings, which is the result of 3 dedicated years of work by artist Vu Van Tich. In this series, Tich stated: “Before I was still dominated by the material, the expression must depend on the material. In this series, I feel completely comfortable and confident with manipulating those materials in my artworks.”


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