Artist Trinh Lu

Artist Trinh Lu

Bởi Hà Trang 01/11/2022

Born in Dinh Hoi year (1948) in Hanoi.  His father,  Trinh Huu Ngoc, and mother, Nguyen Thi Khang, are both painters.

From 1955 to 1965: He studied painting in his parents' class. He also snuck a few lessons by assisting his parents in composing and lecturing.

From 1965 to 1971: He painted landscapes and portraits in many evacuation centers and internships. He painted stage backdrops, and posters, and drew slogans to support the war.

1972 – 1986: He worked as an editor and broadcaster for the English program of Vietnam Radio Voice.  During that time he taught himself the history, theory, and philosophy of art from foreign sources.  He worked as a translator for selected articles regarding art from Western newspapers and magazines.  He experimented with many different painting styles and participated in several exhibitions of young artists in the capital, which were organized by the Vietnam Fine Arts Association.

1987 – 2012: He worked many jobs during his time living in New York City, USA; one of them included portraiture. While working on his master's degree in communication at Cornell University, Trinh Lu also composed two landscape exhibitions of Ithaca’s four seasons.  He also learned more about painting, visual psychology, anthropology of images, and participated in creative activities with the Ithaca artists group.

2013 – 2019: He participated in activities with local US artists. He painted a lot of live landscapes and selected 67 paintings to display at the home of an art enthusiast family in Hang Dong old quarter.

2020: He returns to Hanoi, and independently draws, translates, writes, broadcasts and consults on media development.  He is the author of many translated and written books regarding art published in Vietnam. 


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