"Story of Vu"

Bởi Hà Trang 21/12/2022

A short and simple name to be an open introduction to the Vietnamese art lovers in this solo exhibition of artist Tran Trong Vu.

With a collection of three parts.

Part One is a series of 16 new works composed in 2022 with « Story of Vu ».

Part Two is a series of 8 works composed in 1998 as an unveiling by artist Tran Trong Vu. At that time, his father, poet Tran Dan, had just gone, while the artist was very far away from his homeland Vietnam, both distance and time, as well as from what happened decades ago. Only then did he read his father's poetry with great attention- and his mind started to relive the moments of his father’s poetry. The set of 8 paintings, composed with emotions leading and interacting with words in his father's poetry, was first introduced to the Vietnamese art lovers.

The final part of the collection is an installation piece called "Those Years" which he introduced in Bordeaux - France in 2021. In this exhibition, the public audience in Vietnam will have the opportunity to interact and to live in the emotions of Vu – a place where Vu is Vu, and also can be Us, in the anxiety, the suspense, the hide-and-seek, the face-to-face, and the intertwined old memories.

« Story of Vu » will be exhibited at Anh Duong Art Space – Long Bien Golf Club Building, 918 Regiment, Phuc Dong, Long Bien, Hanoi from 15 Dec 2022 to 25 Feb 2023.

“Part Two” will be introduced separately at Hanoi Studio Gallery, 23-25 Mac Dinh Chi, Truc Bach, Ba Dinh, Hanoi from 18 Dec 2022.

Within the series “Road to Sunshine”- a project towards “Sunshine Art Museum”, we are delighted to present the exhibition « Story of Vu » – An artistic portrait of Tran Trong Vu.


Biên tập: Thu Huyền

Nguồn từ trang sự kiện:  https://www.facebook.com/events/692797135568639/

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