Artist Dinh The Huy

Artist Dinh The Huy

Bởi Hà Trang 08/12/2022

Dinh The Huy graduated from Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts.  He composes mainly with lacquer materials.

Painter Dinh The Huy has participated in several exhibitions:

2010: Hanoi Young Artists Club Exhibition

2012: Hanoi Young Artists Club Exhibition

2013: Hanoi Young Artists Club Exhibition

2014: Exhibition "Intersection" at Mai gallery Quan Su St., Hanoi
          Exhibition: “Hanoi Through Time” at 45 Trang Tien St.
     Exhibition: Malaysia International Art Festival at Pulau Ketam- Malaysia

Huy's works often depict mundane topics such as people, city landscapes, still lifes, etc., with lacquer materials.  In many paintings, the artist’s innocent brushstrokes create a romantic atmosphere with soft and light tones. The lacquer works express the artist's style and artistic vision toward nature and life.

The lacquer painting "Meditate" by artist Dinh The Huy depicts still life vases, Buddha statues, and persimmons.  Still life objects are set on a quiet, enigmatic dark blue background, with falling rays of light. The objects are positioned in a horizontal layout, creating a slow, calm rhythm.  The artist does not describe the shape in detail, but only evokes space, highlighting the symbolism of the objects.

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