"Country Folk" - Artist Trieu Khac Tien

Bởi Hà Trang 27/12/2022

Cultural inspiration is one of the themes that viewers often encounter in Trieu Khac Tien’s lacquer paintings.  “Country Folk” is one of the paintings dedicated to that topic.  Every detail in the picture resembles the village scenery. From the familiar animals such as cats, pigs, dogs, frogs, birds, to the subtle backdrop of festivals, village landscapes, all interwoven into the frame. Despite having basic color tones, the picture can bring a sense of joy but also harbors an enigma that requires a deeper inspection.  Through the lacquer texture, the painting has multiple layers contributing to the depth of field effect, while the figures’ edges are meticulously designed to be well-defined yet rough and blurry in other spaces.  The village aesthetic is integrated and expressed through the artist's rather abstract and rich visualization.

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