Bởi Hà Trang 07/01/2023

Ceramic exhibition for Tet 2022 is rich in emotions right from the name. "Phon" is both a "comedy" and a "skillful" topic for artists when exploring the "many, prolific"  with creative thinking that mostly favors minimalism and modernity. However, "many, prolific" has never been a strange feature for a Vietnamese, even in modern life. Because it is everywhere, in the concept of daily living, in ritual beliefs, in the harsh tropical nature here, in the productive working life that is still agricultural and manual, still hard with too many material and spiritual desires. The "prosperity" in general has permeated the Vietnamese culture and people...

Pottery is a creative material with many indigenous and expressiveness. In addition, an interesting theme this year has probably created much more emotions for the artists' ceramic forms this time than the previous seasons.

The beauty of ceramic works created by sculptors is not only in strange shapes, but most of them are added with metal accessories in sculpture. That created modern forms and personalized for ceramic works.

In addition, the familiar household ceramic embryos that are mass-produced have turned into a new drawing land of artists. With certain changes according to the technique of painting on ceramics, the artwork became both strange and familiar. It is familiar with personal style but strange in their changes that have to follow to the common color, enamel, earth, fire ... or it can be said that the artworks have brought a part of folklore.

"Phon" is a humorous and subtle change in the shape of ceramics by 9 artists. Please enjoy “Phon” in a new season full of rituals!


Biên tập: Huyền

Nguồn: https://www.facebook.com/events/559073012470342/?ref=newsfeed

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